In 1995, amidst the bustling atmosphere of a Wisconsin bar they managed, Loren and Benita joined forces to concoct what would become the quintessential Bloody Mary.

Driven by their love for cocktails, they envisioned making this exquisite creation accessible to all. Thus, they began crafting it by hand, and it quickly gained popularity, earning the moniker "Loren's Bloody Mary."

​More than just a drink, this Bloody Mary became synonymous with a lifestyle. Whether it was brunch gatherings or laid-back Sundays, this special cocktail had the magical ability to unite people and craft unforgettable memories. All it took was an invitation to savor the renowned "Loren's Bloody Mary," and guests would eagerly flock.

But demand grew beyond what they could personally cater to. People wanted to purchase it.

Fast forward several years, and the only way to enjoy it was through Loren's freshly made batches at the local VFW or by invitation to their home.

The question arose: How could they package and sell it?

The solution came in the form of spice blends!

I am Amy, Loren's daughter and Benita's step-daughter. I have revived their Bloody Mary using gourmet spice blends.

It's not merely about selling a product; it's about sharing our passion for these blends with everyone and honoring our U.S. Veterans.


Loren, a Vietnam Veteran, served as the Commander at Everett McClay Post 1296 VFW in Bloomington, Minnesota, from 2018 to 2023. It was here that "Loren's Bloody Mary" took on its new identity as the "Commander's Bloody Mary."

A portion of our proceeds supports our Veterans. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Loren now enjoys retirement, crafting cocktails with Benita on a sunny Florida beach 🍹🌴

Amy meticulously crafts all spice blends, develops recipes, and oversees Marketing and Sales.