It was 1995, somewhere at a bar they were managing in Wisconsin, where Loren & Benita teamed up to create the mother of all Bloody Mary’s.

As passionate cocktail enthusiasts, they believed that this perfect Bloody Mary should be accessible to everyone, so they started hand mixing, serving, and it was a hit! It was then dubbed as the "Loren's Bloody Mary."

​This Bloody Mary was more than just a cocktail, it was a way of life. From brunches to lazy Sundays, this exclusive cocktail had the power to bring people together and create unforgettable moments. All we had to do was send out an invite to come enjoy the famous "Loren's Bloody Mary," and the people came.

Then people asked for more...they wanted to buy it...

Fast forward to several years later, it was only available freshly made by Loren for the VFW or by invite at Loren & Benita's home...how were we going to bottle this up and sell it?

SPICES were the answer!

I am Loren’s daughter and Benita’s step-daughter Amy, and I have recreated their Bloody Mary with gourmet spice blends.

It's not just about selling a product, it's about sharing our love for these spice blends with everyone and supporting our U.S. Veterans.


Loren (Vietnam Veteran) became the Commander at Everett McClay Post 1296 VFW in Bloomington, Minnesota from 2018-2023, where the "Loren's Bloody Mary" adopted its new name...

"Commander's Bloody Mary." 

A portion of our proceeds goes to VFW Post 1296 .

Cheers from our home to yours, thank you for choosing us and supporting our Veterans! 🇺🇸

 Loren is happily retired and cocktailing with Benita on a beach somewhere in Florida 🍹🌴