Since 2014, this 501(c)(3) organization has brought more than 600 dogs and cats, rescued by our troops serving overseas to safety in the U.S. They have provided 100’s of Veterans with service and support dogs rescued from kill shelters. 

Sometimes what a Veteran needs is a simple, loving companion to walk them through their everyday life.

We found this organization on Instagram and had to contact them for permission to promote them.

A lot of times, veterans aren't aware of the resources out there for them. That is what all of us are here for, and Commander's Bloody Mary wants to connect with trusted sources for Veteran help.

Are you a Veteran in need of a support animal?

Are you someone who is concerned about a Veteran and would like more information on getting them the help they need?

Contact Paws of War TODAY!

Change a life for the better, help us prevent Veteran homelessness and suicide. A furry companion could be just the answer you're looking for!


Paws of War is located in certain regions and can only provide service animals to Veterans within those regions. They do not have the resources “just yet” to place service animals out of these areas. Keep checking back if you are not in these regions.