The Mesothelioma Center has been supporting our veterans since 2006, and their commitment to doing more remains unwavering.

Sharing this information enables them to better assist our patriots, so we have included them in our list of resources.

The link below provides information about why veterans develop mesothelioma, the types of veterans' benefits available for such cases, eligibility criteria, and the treatments that are accessible to them.

For symptoms of mesothelioma CLICK HERE

The link below provides information about this type of cancer, and how it can mimic less serious conditions, making it commonly overlooked. This resource is intended to raise awareness as much as possible since both prognosis and survival rates depend largely on treatment and all of this hinges on seeking medical advice as soon as possible.


Established in 1990, Lanier Law Firm is a leading authority in asbestos law. Their attorneys have co-chaired and played major leading roles in national conferences that educate judges and attorneys about asbestos, mesothelioma cases, and the legal rights of victims. 

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Lanier Law Firm